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Welcome friends!  We at Trinity believe that our Lord Jesus Christ wants to work in us connecting us to Him through His Word and Sacraments.  We also believe that He wants to work through us and with those same means connecting other people to Him and us, and through these relationships we believe that He will create an ever-growing community of believers. We believe that if we live out this truth, then we will inevitably see new congregations started.

Further, Trinity is committed to building relationships with all of our neighbors. In the past, the church may have been seen only as a place where people could go to find and learn about a relationship with God. While we believe this is still true today, we also believe that we are to follow our Lord’s example by going out to seek and save the lost, the hurting and the sick with the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We are not just a congregation, but rather we are also ‘many” people who believe that the Church exists for the world, not the world for the Church.

Jesus came to “seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10). He took the initiative (that’s the seeking part), and Jesus paid the price for the lost (that’s the saving part).
We also believe that when people turn to God in faith they discover that He loves them. God showed His love for us by sacrificing His One and only Son (1 John 4:10). Jesus showed His love by washing feet (John 13:1-17) and by dying for all people.

Finally, we at Trinity believe that we too must become sacrificial in our love and service to our neighbors (1 Cor. 9:19-22). In short, we believe that it is much more practical for the people of the physical church to go out into the community, rather than expecting the community to come into the physical church.

God Bless You Always Through Jesus Christ our Lord!

Pastor Rick Stark

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